Everybody can help us save this lovely valley….

What you can do right now is….

  1. Object to the proposal, and persuade lots of other people to do the same - just point them at this link.  Get your partner, your  children, your parents, your friends, people who have visited you and like the valley to object.
  2. Help us with our campaign by giving some time. If you can shove leaflets through doors, talk to people about why this is a bad idea, or can help us in any practical way please email us  on info@savesladvalley.org.uk. Every extra pair of hands is welcome

And what you can do to help save the valley for ever is join with us to create a fund so that the local community can buy these fields back from the developer and ensure no-one can ever build on them. These fields should be owned by the local community that cares about them, and not someone trying to make money out of them.  We are starting a register of people who of people who would be prepared to contribute something, large or small towards buying back the fields. We don’t know exactly how it would work, and it certainly wont happen until after planning permission has been turned down (which is why the most urgent thing you can do is object!).

If you might prepared to help by being one of many buying a share in the fields please let us know by emailing us - just click on the email link


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