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You can save postage by posting them through the door of Number 23 Summer Street. We will collate them and get them to the council.  Please just put your letter in an envelope marked “OBJECTION”

 Stroud District Planning Office

Ebley Mill, Westward Road

Stroud GL5 4UB

Dear Sir/Madam

Planning Reference S.15/2549/OUT Land at Summer Street

I strongly object to this application and believe it should be turned down for exactly the same reasons that the Council and then the Planning Inspector refused permission for the recent applications on Baxters Fields.

 It will result in major and irretrievable harm to the unique landscape of this side of Stroud and to the views into and out of the AONB.  The proposal is inconsistent with the emerging Stroud District Council local plan.  It would be a complete denial of local democracy if this application was approved.

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Yours sincerely