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Its vital we get as many objections as possible!

It makes a big difference if  the councillors who will have to make a decision know that the development is hugely unpopular. It also means Gladman cannot claim that people prefer this to the original application so it should be approved.

Who can object

Anyone! We want people from Stroud in droves, we want objections from people who have visited the area, from fans of Laurie Lee’s work who love the valley from all over the world.  Everyone from the same household can object, everyone in your family should separately object.

Did you object last time? Great, but please don’t think that’s enough as it wont count this time. This is a new application and we have to do it all again.  You must object again!

So please object yourself, and encourage everyone you know who cares about the valley to do so as well, wherever they are from.  It wont take you more than a couple of minutes, so please just choose one of the buttons below and DO IT NOW! We must get as many objections in before January 14th as we can.


Objection deadline

14th January