Save the Slad Valley!
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Roman and Iron Age finds on Baxters Fields…. Find out more here

We have done it!


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Original Application

About us

We are the Slad Valley Action Group

who are a group of local people who have come together because we believe Baxter’s Fields should remain fields - they are an essential green space for Stroud, and form part of the setting of the beautiful AONB.

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We have


The Planning Inspector has made  the  decision about Baxter’s  Fields - and thank goodness it is  the right one. The appeal has been rejected on the grounds of the impact on a valued landscape. You can download the decision by clicking here.

Thanks to everyone for the fabulous support.

It doesn’t mean we are safe forever, but the decision and the reason give us strong protection.  There will be a lot of unhappy faces  in the Gladman camp….